How Not to Meditate

Rethink meditation practice. Originally designed to help start off the New Year, this How Not to Meditate instructional series can be used at any time for a fresh start. Begin with this introductory video, then dive into the following eight lessons. At the end, enjoy a bonus video with Acharya Holly Gayley entitled Waking Up Through Reality, courtesy of The Awake Network and Shambhala Mountain Center.

Note: Some of these sessions have been drawn from another series; therefore, the audio introductions may not always match the visual titles. You may rest assured that the order below is accurate.

Session 1: Don't Meditate

Praise for "How Not to Meditate" video series

Hello Alan! ~ I am participating in these sessions and I am enjoying it immensely. Your instruction to "not meditate" is a game-changer for me... More than any words, your simple presence here is a powerful teacher. You radiate openness, kindness, precision, awareness... and relatedness. Thank you so much for this New Year's gift! I hope that many people will benefit from your offering.   — JS

Session 2: Basic Instructions

Session 3: Familiarity & Friendliness

Session 4: The Essential Attitude

Session 5: Meditation While Feeling Lousy

Session 6: Meditation in Context

Session 7: Fresh Start

Session 8: A Proper Waste of Time

Bonus Video!