Skills to Cope "When Bad Lands"

When huge challenges enter our lives, or changes that are out of our control happen, we can fall hard sometimes. That's what happened to Alan Anderson; but he prevailed and is sharing his experience and what worked for him in a new book. It's called When Bad Lands: How Not to Numb Out, Freak Out, or Bottom Out—Buddhist Style and he joins TMJ4's The Morning Blend to share what readers will get out of this work.

Book of the Month


When Bad Lands is the Shambhala Book of the Month selection for January 2020. In this hour-long video, Alan presents the book's teachings including the Seven Skills — and answers viewer questions.

Don't Meditate


On ABC Radio Hobart, Ryk Goddard hosts Breakfast, kick-starting your day with humour, intellect and a sense of adventure. 

In this episode, Ryk interviews Alan about his Don't Meditate practice and his book When Bad Lands, both of which challenge our approach to meditation.

My World and Welcome to It


On 103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio, My World and Welcome to It host Rex Owens welcomes artists from around southern Wisconsin to talk about the creative process and what inspires, encourages, and motivates them.

In this episode, Rex interviews Alan about Milwaukee, music, mindfulness, education, and the process of writing and publishing When Bad Lands.

The 'Armor' of Our Insecurity


In what way does our ‘armor’ protect us and in what way does our armor keep us from growing? Do we wear certain armor because society expects it of us? Have we built up our armor so well that it has become a strength? Everyday Mindfulness Show host Mike Domitrz welcomes CAST members Alan Anderson and Darren Tipton to explore the various ways our armour show up. The answers might surprise you.

This conversation was inspired by the phrase “People make the armor from their smartness, or their anger, or their quiet, or their fear, or their being busy, or their being nice. Some people make it from a big show, always talking. Some make it by being very important.” — From Breakfast with Buddha, by Roland Merullo.

Mindful Myth Busters


What does it mean to be mindful? Is mindfulness a mindset, a way of life or is it a practice? Is mindfulness congruent with religion or meditation? Is mindfulness hard? Everyday Mindfulness Show host Mike Domitrz welcomes CAST members Alan Anderson, Barry Moniak, and Holly Duckworth to explore common myths surrounding mindfulness and to share how mindfulness myths have affected their lives. 

A Spiritual Journey of Mindfulness


Everyday Mindfulness Show host Mike Domitrz welcomes Alan Anderson for an enlightening conversation on mindfulness and living a life of mindfulness. Alan is an educator who has taken an unique journey over multitude of decades, including learning from some of the most renown teachers of Mindfulness in the World.

Together, Alan and Mike explore mindfulness beyond yoga and meditation, the depths a person must muddle through to attain mindfulness, and how to integrate multi-dimensional mindfulness into everyday life. They also explore the ideas of current thought leaders and books to assist those at any stage of their mindfulness journey.